We are the biggest file producer in Estonia for more than 13 years.
Our services are available in most of Estonian biggest towns and also in Finland.
We also offer Dyno service in Peetri, close to Tallinn for streetcars and racecars.


  • Dyno rent
  • Tuning for most wellknown ECUs (Haltech, Autronic, Motec, EMU, Vipec, Maxxecu)
  • Chip tune St1, St2, Custom Dynos
  • Custom Dyno files
  • DPF Off
  • Flap Off
  • 02 Off
  • TDC Off
  • Popcorn function
  • Launch control
  • EGR Off
  • Exhaust flap off
  • StartStop Disable
  • Speed Limiter Removal
  • ADBlue Removal

Our partners

Want to become our partner?

Our partners have access to very large high-quality files which are created with long-term experience. If you are interested in becoming our dealer, feel free to send us request. We will help you with out knowledge, files and also hardware.